Friday, January 16, 2009

Name your son Benjamin...'ll be glad you did.

Benjamin means "son of the right hand". I am not sure what exactly that means, but it sounds neat. In the Bible Benjamin was the 12th son of Jacob and was the "favorite son" after Joseph was sold out to Egypt. I know a few Benjamins. Three of the amazing Benjamins all have one thing in common... they are photographic geniuses!!!! (click on each name to see what i mean.)

#1 (and my favorite) - Benjamin Jacob Diacogiannis. Number 7 in the "D" family line up, I had the priveledge to be inthe room when little Ben was born. He has always been a rad little brother, and i think if you have to have a little brother this Benjamin is the one to have. He is fairly even tempered. He has the biggest servents heart of any 15 year old i know! He love's God and loves life. In the past 2 years "my" Ben has become a little brother after my own heart; he fell in love with photography!!! Click on his name and experience his blog and the beginnings of his photographic genius.

#2- Benjamin Edwards As i mentioned in my post regaurding the close of 2008... Ben is my photography "hero". I found out about his work long before i thought about moving to Bend, and when i found out the webiste i most visited for inpiration was in my "new" city, i was elated and couldn't wait to meet him in real life. Ben and his wife Lauren are 2 of the most kind people i know. They love the Lord and are not shy about bringing his love into their work. They take pictures that caprute my attention for hours. They live with a passion to see lives changed. They have a super cute son named Parker... who someday will be my good friend. =)

And so you see, you should indeed name your son Benjamin, but please refrain from calling him Benny.... most likely he won't like it. Ben, Jamin', benji. Ben, B-E-N-bennen, B, BenHamen or other variations are ok, but not Benny.


Pure Mommy Extract said...

What about when he is a baby? I call my Ben Benny, but he is only 6 months old. Do I need to stop already? Is Benners okay? =)

Vicky said...

I love the name Benjamin, but sadly my best friend used the name first. So, I'll have to be content to love on her Benny :)

Also, I didn't know you were in the room when Ben was born! Why have I never known this?

BJD said...

hey vicky im sad you dont like me any more :(:(:(

Benjamin Diacogiannis