Monday, February 02, 2009

lovely weekend

i had a lovely weekend...

Friday i spent all day at a wedding... well the wedding was only a few hours of it, but i helped coordinated the reception decorating and such so i was there a lot longer than the average wedding go-er.
wedding with ice cream bars are brilliant:
this is the glorious place the cake went,
however the cake was a little late so i don't have a picture of it:
This is Jesse and Taylor. Such an amazing couple! I am so blessed to know them!!!This is Jesse and Seth(the best man). Seth is brilliant and funny, so therefore the ring was tied to a very long string hidden inside the jacket:Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hinrichs:Saturday took me to Portland for the day! Stephenie, Michelle and i went to see our AMAZING Joann Renee DIRECT Narnia (the musical)... so technically we didn't see her direct, but the actors and actresses executed her brilliance incredibly!

classic road trip self portrait:We stopped on the way for lunch/coffee/tea at Rosie's in Mill City.
Free Advice;
Guys surprise your date and take her to Rosie's. The drive is beautiful, the food is YUM, the pictures that could be taken would be brilliant.

Stephenie getting into Acts 7:
Michelle getting into Great is Thy Faithfulness in Latin:Left to Right: Michelle, Joann(the Director!), Michelle Parker, Me & Stephenie
Sunday i went to a Superbowl Party. It was a delight, the 3D glasses didn't work. The Steelers are my enemy. Kurt Warner is a stud. Larry Fitzgerald is fast. Harrison(#96) should be embarrassed that he made Superbowl history and wasn't MVP (due to being a JERK on the field). Big Ben seemed to have gained a lot of weight since ripping off the Seahawks a few years back. The Office episode could have been better. The Guac dip was INCREDIBLE (thanks Katie and Lindsay)! But seriously the funniest part was Bruce Springsteen shouting this at the camera.
"Step away from the guacamole dip and put the chicken fingers down!"

...and so you see it was a lovely weekend.


Laurel said...

Sounds like fun!

mama :)

Katie Scott said...

A word about Rosies:

It is my favorite little place on earth. It is a place whose number is in my cellphone. A place whose scones I dream and drool over. And just the most wonderful stop! Thanks for loving it, too.

Vicky said...

I would like to know more details of this Rosie's place... that way when Heidi, Jami, and I come to visit you, we can stop there.

The ring-on-a-string photo was very interesting. Groomsmen due tend to make a wedding interesting...