Thursday, February 25, 2010

wonderful friends.

i have a few really wonderful friends that i would like the bloggy world to meet:

taylor cailee. my best friend. wow, just wow.

Fabiola Jasmine Maria Caceres. she has a long name and speaks spanish. rad. stephenie. my deep affection for monday mornings comes from this girl!
Jenine. it was her birthday. and her idea to have a photo shoot.
i love us.


Laurel said...

What a fun group of friends! I think you need a girly weekend to go visit your mama on her little island. Hmmm ... we could even kick the boys out and send them to our "other home".

:) :) :)

Steph said...

I like Mama's idea!

Jenna said...

You are all stunning. I think it is marvelous that I can call you friends. Please come to Botswana and have a photo shoot with me here! Please oh please!!!! Love you and our friends.