Thursday, April 02, 2009

Josiah Daniel

April 2, 2000 was a record hot day in Puyallup WA, so much so that the downtown McDonalds was out of Vanilla and Twist ice cream. Chocolate only. We were in the midst of moving 10(+1) people 250 miles. Mom's blood pressure spiked. Diacogiannis Baby #9 would be born earlier than planned. We all waited for the call. It seemed like a million hours, and i was getting ansy. I wanted to see this new little sibling... and mostly know if it was a BLUE or PINK baby!!! We went to the park (and McDonalds) to try and make time move faster. It didn't. After chocolate ice cream, and being that this was little sibling #7 for me, i knew it had been long enough to go to the hospital. I knew my mom and that once she was in labor, with water broke it wouldn't be long before baby was here. I convinced our driver (aka i was 14 and too old for a babysitter, but too young to drive) to take us to Good Sameritan without full knowledge if baby was here or not... We got there and i sprinted to the elevator leaving, Jeremiah and Josh in the dust with Joy "the driver". Once we got to Labor and Delivery i went straight to the nurses station, and out of breath said. "Diacogiannis?" the nurse smiled and said, "Down the hall, second door on the right, baby was born about 15 minutes ago." I heard what she said but it didn't really register, i just headed down the hall... again leaving the other 3 in the dust... i heard my dad's "daddy" voice calming a screaming new born, and that was the clue to what room to enter. I don't even remember seeing/ talking to my mom for about 5 minutes i just remember running in the room and standing on my tip toes to look over my dad's and the nurses shoulder to see the most precious pink baby with a blue hat, and squinting eyes, and a scream that pierced the room. "It's a BOY!!!!!" i ran out of the room and shouted at Jeremiah, Josh and Joy("the driver"). I ran back in and hugged my dad as he finished wrapping up my new brother in the hospital blanket (you know the ones with the pastel colored bunnies on it). I wanted to be the first to hold him, but dad let Joy... whatever! Josiah Daniel Diacogiannis. 7lbs. 14 onces. 21.5 inches long and perfect! I was thrilled to have another brother, and this little dude came out with blond hair (it'd been a few siblings since a blond one). He was so little, so precious, he smelled amazing... baby lotion plus clean. His fingers were long just like all of us D babies when we were born. He was perfect.

Happy Birthday Josiah Daniel. I can't believe you are 9 years old!!! It amazes me. You are my little think-tank brother. You had 2 sets of stiches before you were 2 years old. I think you might still have a scare in your ear. My first award winning picture was of you. As you started to grow from baby to little boy your personality started to show. You were so distinctly different from all of us. Your heart has always been in tune with people, and feelings. You have a heart that cares. I remember when you first fell in love with Art. You were so little and loved to color and paint. I remember when you were sitting at the kitchen counter and God told you that you would be an artist when you grew up and you were SO excited about it. I remember when you were a big brother to Elijah and you were so in awe of this little baby, yet you were still so little yourself. I remember when that same little brother was so sick and you sat on his bed and talked to him at the hosptial, you even brought him your favorite beanie baby to keep him company. That's just who you are. You care about people. I love you Josiah, and i'm so excited to see how you change the world. Never stop listening to Jesus. Never stop painting or drawing.

i love you to the moon. i win.


Jeremiah said...

seriously sister....they way your write about our family.... wow. beautiful. and so perfectly true. siiiigh....just 57 more days!!!! :D


kori bates said...

That is the sweetest thing a sister can say! I am over here crying!!!

Vicky said...

This was so sweet! Thanks for sharing your memories of when Josiah was born. It made me cry a bit.

9 years old... wow! He'll be in DOUBLE DIGITS next year! AHHHH! :)

Laurel said...

GREAT post!

Thanks for being such an AWESOME big sister to sooo... many little ones.

mama :)

Verna said...

Great tribute to your brother. What a great memory to share with others.

And hope Josiah has many more happy birthdays!