Tuesday, April 21, 2009

two years today

that's right folks; it's that time of year in which i post a crazy pic of me celebrating life in Bend Oregon!!! 2 years ago on April 21 2007 i finished packing up life in Lynden WA and moved south to Bend Oregon! i can hardly believe it has been 2 years...
last year i said Woo-Hoo... and this year i echo it with Hooray!


Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! It's been awesome to see where God has taken you, and how He has used you the last two years!
Love you sis, and am excited for the next years that He has for you!!! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Can next year please include the word "yipee"?
I've always been fond of that one.

Glad you're here. Glad we're friends.

-- Steph

Becky said...


I just love you.

umm... like a whole lot.

I'm so glad you live in Bend.

That's all <3

Joshua said...

What, no postcards?!?! That's ok sis :) I know Bend is definitely worth the "Woo-Hoo", a "Hooray", and even a "yipee" (as Steph suggests).
Love ya!