Friday, September 12, 2008

Floating for the first time...

...not me silly, i've done it a million times... but today i got to take Hosanna, Sarah and Elijah on their first Float on the Deschutes! Here are a few of the questions i had to answer BEFORE the float....

-what are we floating on?
-how does the boat fit in your car and be big enough for 2 people?
-are there fish?
-are there sharks?
-are there worms?
-are there whales?
-will we get stuck?
-what if we fall in the water?
-how deep is the deepest part?
-will we see any bugs?
-is the water cold?
-why do we have to wear our swimsuits if we aren't going swimming?
-what if the air goes out?
-how big is the river?
-where is the end of the river?
-is there a waterfall?
-will we die if we go over the waterfall(try explaining a Spillway to a 6 year old)?
-have you ever seen anyone go over the waterfall?

instead of uploading my 23 favorite floating pics... i opted for a slideshow...


Carissa said...

I love the pics...and the million questions they asked, how cute!
looks like you all had fun and there weren't any sharks, worms, whales, or waterfalls!

love you all!

Lindsey said...

What fun!!!! Great pics! looks like they all enjoyed it... especially E!

Laurel said...

What fun! Thanks for being a mommy substitute this week, while I'm in Argentina.

See you all next weekend!

mama :)

Jeremiah said...

hahaha...the questions are hysterical! Love it! I can totally hear E asking if there are worms... :)