Friday, September 26, 2008

Introducing: Kekasmai Images

hey all!!
i have been thinking about changing my business name for a while now, and this morning it all came together with a few clicks of the mouse!!!

Kekasmai (kay-cass-may) is the Greek word for "to shine" it is also one of the words my name (Cassandra) is derived from. In "looking" for a new name i knew i wanted something different, Greek, and meaningful. Because of my Greek heritage i wanted to bring that into the name of my business. I also didn't want to just pick a random Greek word. I thought about Diacogiannis Photography, but that didn't fulfill the meaningful(i'm not sure what it means) side of things, and I'm planning on getting married someday, so it would have to change again.

One of my goals as a person and as a photographer is to shine the light of Christ into and through my life and work. When i found out that my name is derived from a word that means "to shine" it was an automatic SMILE on my face and thought in my head as a name for my photography business. Nothing else about my business has changed; i still take pictures of all the same things, I'm not biased by the fact if you are Greek or not and i am still learning and growing as a photographer.

feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions, comments or want me to take pics of your event!!!!!

Shining for HIM,
PS- i hope to have the Kekasmai Images blog up and going soon... check my "links" in the next few days, in the mean time check us out on myspace

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