Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Karlee May Brown

She's pretty much a rockstar!

I had the incredible blessing of shooting these with my hero in photography Ben Edwards! It was such a great afternoon for a Senior Shoot!!! Karlee was totally amazing, watching Ben do what he does was inspiring and the CREATOR did an amazing job with the lighting and the crazy-cool place we got to be! All of the above pics i took on my camera, while Ben was doing his thing... but stay tuned... i'm hoping to get my hands on some of the ones i took with his camera (aka my dream camera!).


Karlee said...

Oh my dear honkie,
these look awesome Cas!!
I cant wait to see how the rest turned out.
Your a rockstar too!!
Thanks for being an awesome assistant!

Lindsey said...

lovely!!! wow, and what fun to do it with Ben Edwards! :)

love you sis...