Monday, August 16, 2010

24 days.


before last year i was not a person who either hated nor loved mondays. before last september i worked on mondays, so it was just the start of a work week, i didn't mind being that i LOVE my job. September 2009 rolled around and so did a schedule change. mondays became another day in the weekend. mondays were FREE! i enjoyed the sleeping in for a couple mondays and then something happened...

i have a friend. her name is Stephenie Jayne. She is tall and brunette. Her heart for Africa is awesome! Her willingness to serve is incredible and she listens really well. prior to last september and the love of mondays stephenie and i would have lunch on wednesdays... when the work schedule changed it required a change in our lunching together.

enter monday.

we had lunch a few times on monday and then one of us had the crazy idea to see if we could both wake up early and meet for coffee. amazingly: it worked. (we are not morning people, hence the amazingly) shortly after this switch in routine i realized that monday mornings were quickly becoming the highlight of my week! it isn't because i wake up early or because the coffee is so grand (tho it is) but there is something about sitting down with a friend and talking for an hour (or so) about things that matter; it fills and refreshes. sometimes we sit in the coffee shop, sometimes we sit outside, sometimes we laugh, sometimes there are tears, sometimes there is scones with our coffee, sometimes there is silence! Every time? Every time there is friendship that is real and lasts and sees beyond monday. Every time there is encouragement and joy. Every time i walk away from that coffee shop my heart is full and i am thankful.

i love mondays. today, i celebrate mondays.


Stephenie Jayne said...

Oh Mondays... the things you do to me.

Thanks for waking up early every Monday morning despite the desire to sleep a little longer, and despite the fact that you know I won't be on time.
Thanks for being so full of wisdom and encouragement.
Thanks for sharing your crazy ideas and passions with me and inspiring me to dream a little bigger and live with a little more risk.
Thanks for being such a great example of what a life lived in obedience really, truly looks like.
Thanks for loving me well and for being such a treasured friend.

I love Mondays. But mostly, I love you.

-- Steph

Seth said...

Awesome! Couldn't agree more. Ministry happens around tables and latte's at coffee shops! That is true fellowship and community as I believe God intended it. Well done on the blog. You've put a lot of time into it! mine's pretty plain