Thursday, August 19, 2010

traveling. {21 days}

i love traveling. love it. lots.

my first flight wasn't until i was 16, two months after 9/11/01 and i got slightly sick upon landing...yet, i still LOVE flying and love to travel.

however my love for travel started long before that day.

Diacogiannis Family Road Trips are now a annual or bi-annual occurrence that is well documented on a blog and talked about for months after the fact. Not much has changed since i was a small child... we may have not driven 23 states in 21 days back then, but we had some AWESOME memory making road trips when i was little!

i loved it when we would go camping for a weekend an hour away from our house... it felt like we were REALLY FAR away. i remember waking up at 3 in the morning to start a leg of our trip up to British Columbia to visit my great-grandpa's cabin on a river... mom and dad let us sleep on the floor of the van! i remember so many trips to CRC and knowing we were getting really close when we pasted the pink "barn" (it's not a barn, but we thought it was). sometimes we would bring friends on our road trips... mostly they were high school girls who wanted to experience life with 6 or 7 little people, but to me they were my friends. We also never left home with out Adventures in Odessey. Mr. Whittaker, Eugene and Connie were pretty much apart of the family and i fully believe that on these road trips they fell in love with traveling as much as i did!!!

before i turned 18 i had been to 27 states.

before i turned 21 i had been to 9 countries and 3 continents.

i wish i could say that before i turn 25 i will have greatly added to those lists... i've been to 37 states now, but no new countries in a few years.

before i die my goal is to visit every continent and over 25 countries.

i love to travel. i especially love road trips.

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Vicky said...

1. I know of at least one high school girl who went on a Big D Family Roadtrip not only to experience life with 7 little people but because those little people (and their mama) were her friends and some of the coolest people she knew (knows). :) {their papa is cool too, he just wasn't on the roadtrip}

2. I'm 29 and I've only been to 9 states... I have a long way to go before reaching my goal of all 50. I will at least add Texas to my list before the year is out :D