Wednesday, August 25, 2010

meeting some heroes. {15 days}

today i am super excited to meet some of my photography(& life) heroes!
meet Gary, Courtney & Joelle:

Gary & Courtney (click the link) have inspired me for a few (i think 4) years to be more creative and dream BIG in life and photography! I consider myself a regular to their blog and website, kind of like some people consider themselves regulars to a specific coffee shop....or maybe more so... either way, i love gleaning from more experienced photographers, especially ones who ooze LOVE for the craft and LOVE for travel (see we have more than 1 thing in common)!!! They lived in Bend when i first got here, and for a long time i was hoping and praying to meet them... and then i did (they sat at my table at Red Robin)... and then they moved to the sunny skies of So. California... SO, needless to say i was super stoked to find out they were making a trip up to Bend and am SO THANKFUL to be able to steal a little time with them!!!!

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