Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the day i got saved. {23 days}

June 1990.

the Cold War was near its end.
the 1990 FIFA World Cup started.
the Portland Trailblazers were in the NBA finals (they lost).
Universal Studios in Florida opened to the public.
Home Alone was all the rage.

my 6th birthday was a few short months away and Billy Graham was holding a crusade at the Tacoma Dome.

i remember my mom was wearing the color peach and my dad was wearing a teal and black stripped polo shirt. Carissa and Lindsey were left at home with a babysitter and "the boys" and i got to go with mom and dad... i don't really remember knowing very much about what we were going to other than the fact that we were going to the Tacoma Dome and we had been there before for the circus.

i don't remember a lot of Mr. Graham's message. i do remember that there were a few ladies doing sing-language and i had to ask my mom why they were moving there hands so much. i remember there was a band of some kind and i remember Gregg and Jeremiah seemed antsy.

the crusade was about to come to an end and my dad wanted to beat the traffic out of Tacoma... right as we were getting ready to head for the exit what seemed to me like a million people stood from there seats and started walking towards the stage. i remember getting my mom's attention and asking why. she explained to me that it was an altar call and that the people were going forward to receive prayer and give their lives to Jesus. I asked a few more questions and my mind was made up. i wanted to go down there with all those people and give my life to Jesus too!!! My mom explained that i didn't have to go down near the stage to pray or ask Jesus to be the Lord of my life. i seemed satisfied with that answer and my mom stopped my dad, who was still heading for the stairs and exit with 2 boys. I don't remember where Gregg and Jeremiah were for a few minutes... it didn't really matter to me at the time... all i knew was there was a man named Billy Graham and what he said made sense to me and i wanted what all those other people wanted. I wanted Jesus.

mom and dad sat and made sure i understood what was going on and then prayed with me in our seats. i'm sure the moment lasted no longer than 5 minutes, but it will always be engraved in my head.

thanks mom and dad for taking that moment in 1990 that i will remember forever.... the list at the top of this post? well, let's just say the internet makes it easy to find information...i don't remember any of that :)

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