Thursday, August 26, 2010

his plans are brilliant. {14 days}

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

i don't know anyone who doesn't like this verse. if there was a faceb**k page for this verse and you could "like" it... i'm sure there would be a million fans!

i have been thinking a lot about the last 4 years of my life this week... looking back at all the things i have or haven't done. remembering the struggles, the joys, the pain, the fun and all the people i have met. this is the conclusion i have come to:

His plans are brilliant and His ways are amazing!

four years ago i was working a dream job, i was living with my awesome family, i had a "free" car, very little expenses and was super happy! i would like to say i was content, but that would only be half true. While i LOVED my life and LOVED everything i was doing, there was a longing inside of me for more than i knew. Somewhere deep inside of my heart i knew my life had only just begun and there was so much head of me.

in a matter of 8 months everything changed. i bought a car, moved, changed churches, rented my first place, left everything i knew(loved), my income was cut in half and my expenses doubled. My heart was full of dreams and desires, hopes and wishes, prayers and eagerness to accomplish all the Lord had for me! I had vision for where my life was and where it was going, i was certain of somethings and questioning others. I plans, dreams, goals and visions i was sure would happen.

looking back i would not change a thing! not many of the things i thought would be are, but i am so thankful they are not. i have experienced grace so amazing, love so deep, pain un-bearable, hope as high as the sky, loneliness like a dessert in a drought and faith that builds a foundation.

i have lived in 6 houses, with 13 different people, i have had 3 jobs, i have driven over 75,000 miles, i have jumped off a cliff and broken my foot, i have had 1 broken heart, i have gained 2 sisters, i have lost a brother, i have loved and been rejected, i have loved and been loved, i have hiked a few mountains, i have learned to love running again, i have had 3 "favorite" coffee spots, i have swam in the Ocean and danced on a dock, i have floated a river, i have dated, i have taken thousands of photos, i have had 4 cell phones, i have lead and been lead, i have preached and been taught...and so much more.

looking at it all and remembering SO many moments of crying out to God, wondering what in the world he was doing, i can, with confidence say this:

His plans are brilliant and His ways are amazing!

i would not change how things have happened. i would not take back the tough decisions, i would not wish for less tears or more giggles... because in it all, my God had a plan and a purpose, a way that was more beautiful than i saw or could have grasped. for this i will always be thankful and celebrate.

brilliant i say, brilliant!

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